Users report

Bernd Stößlein from Kulmbach on the washing machine module Soft clean

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L. Overthun from Dortmund (after using the washing machine module)

  • I ordered the info crystal stick set from you in August / September 2019 and we are thrilled. In particular, the effects of Soft-Clean on the washing machine have convinced us so much that we would now like to recommend your product to friends and family.
  • We can only confirm that the laundry, which was washed with 0% detergent and 100% Soft-Clean, not only becomes odorless and clean, but also significantly smoother and softer. My athletically very active man was also particularly impressed by the fact that his active clothing is retained in its function without the (expensive) special detergent otherwise required.


Hildegard Runge from Gasthof Vorderbrand near Berchtesgaden (after using the washing machine module)

  • Since my family cares about our health, that of the guests and the environment, I have been using the greennatur washing machine module for about two years
  • Since then I haven’t used any detergent for my private laundry
  • Since I installed the washing machine module, I only use a third of detergent for laundry in the inn – especially for the kitchen and kitchen linen.
  • The purchase has long paid off for me, not to mention the benefits for health and the environment.

E. Lochner from Schönau am Königssee (after using the “Soft clean” washing machine module)

  • I have mountains of sportswear from my son Johannes (world champion in four-man bobsleigh 2017 and Olympic athlete 2018) to wash.
  • Since installing the “Soft clean” washing machine module, I have been able to wash the entire laundry without any detergent.
  • Out of conviction I offer the customers of our electronics store the washing machine modules for purchase. I think we owe this to our environment.

W. Schmidt from Munich (after using the info crystal stick and the module for the washing machine)

  • After about 4 weeks of using the soft-clean brass and the INFO-CRYSTAL-STICK, it is a need for me to share my experience: I was able to feel the effect of the info stick immediately, partly because I had the same amount more and liked to drink water. Like family members and guests. Now I even start the day with 4 lukewarm glasses of water before brushing my teeth.
  • The “healing” of an “ailment” that I set as a parameter for success is: no more dandruff. Anyone who, like me, has tried so many different shampoos etc. for decades and has rarely (except maybe after washing their hair) put on a black jacket knows what I’m talking about. And now: A great feeling with the certainty that nothing will trickle anymore. The scales have been gone for almost 3 weeks with the same light shampoo with the only change that I have installed the info stick.
  • Then my wife got the confidence to use almost no detergent after using less detergent in the beginning. 2 x with an empty machine and 90 ° C (probably good for the machine anyway and has never been done before), and now our Miele runs much more environmentally friendly. When wearing shirts e.g. I don’t notice any difference. Except that we all feel better. Therefore, many thanks to your recommendations and efforts to pass on the best.

Tobias Wagnerberger from Munich (after using the modules for the washing machine, faucet and shower, as well as the info crystal stick)

  • It all started when my wife persuaded me to try the greenatur water swirlers, so we buy a soft clean module for the washing machine and a tender module for the shower. I was very skeptical, but the laundry got really clean and I did I didn’t have to apply any more cream after showering because my skin in Munich was previously always very dry due to the lime. My wife suddenly no longer needed a softener for the hair, and we have been washing our laundry without detergent for weeks, which I find really amazing Enthusiastic about the effect, we got the modules for the tap in the kitchen to prepare our drinking water there. When we visit friends and drink tap water there, we miss our swirled water and are happy every time we come home, and we also found that, for example, our shower head was free of lime after one week of use , the faucets in the kitchen did not add lime or, if a little lime had settled on the hot water tap, we could simply wipe it off with the cloth.
  • Based on this experience, I asked greennatur whether there was a solution for the whole house because we didn’t want to convert every tap, and I also looked for a solution for our holiday home in Chieming, because the lime content in the water was still there is much higher than in Munich. I got the Info Crystal Stick for testing. At first I thought that it could never work. Simply tie the stick to the main water pipe with cable ties, the water becomes like spring water and the lime only settles in dust? Never … But I was taught otherwise. The lime on rarely used taps suddenly became soft in the course of the two-week test phase, and I could simply rub it off with my fingers and a sponge. My miserable herb bed in the garden literally exploded by watering it with the informed water. Make-up stains in a (concrete) sink, which hadn’t been going out for years, could suddenly be wiped off with a sponge. In short, I bought the stick for our holiday home because the descaling system had just broken there. The water there no longer tastes salty, the shower is much easier to clean because the lime is no longer so stubborn, and I no longer have a problem with calcified taps or coffee machines. I can only say that it is terrific … </ li >

J. from Sauerlach (after using the info crystal stick with the tap module “De Luxe”)

  • I have had phenomenal experiences with the “new” water. The lime has definitely had a different consistency since the first day, I also have a direct comparison to the previous lime converter. When I installed the faucet module, our children were immediately impressed by the noticeably different water. Unbelievable what such a swirling effect has on the viscosity and the taste.
  • To my success with the tulips. The first already let their heads hang decoratively in the vase, as tulips like to do. Thanks to a good supply of swirled tap water, they stand up again like the tin soldiers. That has never happened to me with “normal water.

Dieter J. from Selbitz after using the washing machine module “Soft clean”

N.Galchenko from Moscow (after using the De Luxe module)

  • Hello Georg! We remember the trip to Schönau every day, you live in paradise. We installed the module in the kitchen four weeks ago. The water quality has improved significantly. We have very hard water in Moscow, there is now no lime in the boiler.

Gertrud Lindl (after using the De Luxe, Tender and Soft clean modules)

We have the washing machine module, the shower module and the module for the tap.

  • For years I have tried to remove a brown stain in the sink with all kinds of cleaning agents, unfortunately without success, it kept coming back. It was only when we installed the module for the sink that I noticed after a while that the stain had disappeared on its own.
  • I think the washing machine module is particularly good for white laundry. I have the feeling that our shirts have never been so bright white. I still treat stubborn stains with a little detergent, then everything will be wonderfully clean.

Walter Dorfner, Aschheim near Munich (after using the De Luxe, Tender and Soft clean modules)

  • When my wife told me at the environmental fair in Landshut that there is “washing without detergent” with ultrasound or crystals, I wanted to label the whole thing as a humbug and almost laughed at her for her good faith. As women are, my doubts didn’t matter and she bought a washing machine module, a shower module and a module for the faucet at the sink. Of course, I was able to assemble the whole thing, which also worked effortlessly.
  • Ashes on my incredulous head !! My very flaky and dry skin has improved a lot since then (2 months), or rather, almost disappeared without exaggeration.
  • My wife is happy that her dry hair no longer looks so brittle. We also hardly need any body lotion, often just out of old habit.
  • In our stainless steel kitchen in the office, we need less cleaning and have not used any abrasives or vinegar cleaners since.
  • Since we have the washing machine module, we have been delighted with environmentally friendly washed and sparkling clean laundry. Even the butter stains from the ghee production have completely disappeared without any detergent. We have washed tapestries and hand-woven pillows from Tibet for the first time and they have become clean without losing their color or shape.
  • The water that has run through the tap module tastes much fresher and stays fresh longer. We don’t like to drink any other water anymore.
  • And not to forget: Our coffee machine almost no longer needs to be descaled. Great.
  • We are so enthusiastic that we are happy to recommend the products to others and also exhibit them in our efuture shop in Aschheim near Munich.
  • Yesterday we did a “water test” with my children. The water that has been swirled is visibly clearer and tastes much fresher than water that comes from a normal pipe.

Lisa Wagner, therapist from Ergoldsbach (after using the De Luxe, Tender and Soft clean modules)

  • I was introduced to all three modules in spring 2017, before they even went into series production. I bought all three modules and immediately assembled them by hand. I have used them since then. Below is my experience.
  • De Luxe (module for the tap) – the water is softer and tastes better. I feel like it is more alive and just has more energy. Even the lime in the kettle and sink doesn’t bother me anymore.
  • Tender (module for the shower) – the skin feels much more tender, the hair more supple. The shower wall and tiles have since been cleaned without detergents.
  • Soft clean (module for the washing machine) – I have not used any detergent since installing Soft clean. The laundry is just as clean and odorless as with detergent, even the lambskin saddlecloth and my stable laundry. My wool sweaters feel much softer because there is no lime on the fibers.
  • I am enthusiastic and would be happy to recommend these products to my clients and colleagues, especially those who are struggling with major problems.

Stefan, fisherman from Mondsee (after using the set of three)

  • I have now tested the set of three for revitalizing water for drinking water, shower and washing machine for several months. I am absolutely satisfied with all 3 modules, all 3 absolutely show the promised effect. What makes the most difference to me is the module for revitalizing drinking water, DeLuxe brass, because I travel a lot and have really stale water in the water pipe. Now with the module, the water tastes much better and more pleasant than before. Even my cat, who only drank from the pond in front of the house for 15 years, and almost never from his water bowl, has been drinking since then. Now, little by little, dirt or lime particles come out of the water pipe at the other taps, e.g. in the bathroom, the vibrations should even have a far-reaching effect on the house and loosen the lime from the old pipes.
  • For showering I have to say that now with the brass tender the skin feels much softer and the shower is cleaner without having cleaned it. Afterwards I feel absolutely fresh and really alive.
  • The laundry is perfectly cleaned with the soft clean brass and I really don’t take any detergent or fabric softener anymore. Normal dirty laundry also does not need to be pretreated, only once did a stain not completely come out the first time it was washed. I use lemongrass and lavender laundry scents, both smell absolutely great.
  • For my birthday I gave my mother a De Luxe stainless steel for the kitchen, she also has very lime-rich, if not stale water. It also confirms that the water now tastes much better and more pleasant and, unlike before, now automatically drinks a lot more water than before, without having to force yourself to do so. Now she also wants to buy the soft clean brass.
  • What I also love about the modules is that you can easily screw them on yourself and attach and take them back to rented apartments in particular without any modifications or approval. I can only recommend the products!

Markus Pf. from Ergolding (after using the faucet module)

  • The module for the faucet is already installed and in operation.
  • The water feels soft and has a pleasant taste.

Kammermeier family from Lower Bavaria (after using the washing machine module)

    We can highly recommend the “Soft clean” washing machine module, especially for sports clothing.
  • Especially with synthetic fabrics, we always had the problem that the smell of sweat was still a bit smell after washing.
  • With “Soft clean” we have the experience that you get the smell of sweat completely from your sports clothing.

Silvia Sch. from near Freyung (after using the washing machine module)

  • The magic thing that I bought on Wednesday at the Regental Stammtisch has proven itself. Laundry clean, even the white one! The bed of our Kangal Gaius was put to the test (see picture). It got so clean that you even want to sleep in it yourself. I can only recommend it.
  • Thank you very much!

Michael P. from Saxony Anhalt (after using the shower and washing machine module)

  • With the help of your shower and washing machine module, my skin problems have now resolved in such a way that the itching has ended, as have the poses on my arms and legs. It is a wonderful relief – thank you!

Ms. Barbara S. from Berlin (after using the shower and faucet module)

  • After using the shower module and the faucet module for almost four weeks, I can tell you that I am still as enthusiastic every day as on the first day. Your products are very, very good for me.
  • The first time I showered I felt more vital than I had in a long time. I had the feeling that I feel life in every single one of my cells 🙂 I felt so alive that I could hardly believe that a shower module – living water – could have such an effect. But it is so and I am happy to have your shower module and I look forward to showering every day. Thanks to “Natura”, the tap water also refreshes me a lot more than before.
  • In the beginning, the pipes, especially in my shower, were actually cleaned quite nicely. In short: I think your research and the two products are great!
  • I would like to order a shower module and the washing machine module.

Stefan from Straubing (after using the faucet module)

  • I had hardly connected the faucet module when my wife announced that I would never buy mineral water again.

Karl Sch. from Vorarlberg (after using the faucet module)

  • The faucet module is completely awesome. The water tastes great and has a finer, persistent temperature, as well as at home in Carinthia, where the water comes from the spring into the house.

Haber tackle family from Lower Bavaria (after using the washing machine, shower and faucet module, as well as the water swirler)

  • We bought all your products a few months ago on the recommendation of a therapist. The whole family is thrilled.
  • We have been washing without any detergent since then. It is hard to believe that the laundry is radiantly clean and smells fresh.
  • My son’s girlfriend has major problems, she enjoys the soft water of our shower. It is uniquely good for you.
  • Recently we got the water swirler because our fish had fungal infestation in the pond. After whisking in various places in the pond, the fungus disappeared after a few days.
  • Thank you very much. We would be happy to recommend your products to all our friends and acquaintances.

Christopher from the Allgäu (after using the shower module)

  • The water feels much softer, as does the skin and hair after the shower experience.
  • You feel very light, refreshed and relaxed after a shower.
  • The shower provides energy for the day and invigorates.
  • The airways are cleared with concentrated inhalation.
  • The limescale deposits on the shower cubicle are significantly reduced.

Sabine from the Landshut environmental center (after using the faucet module)

  • Of course I tested your online shop and first ordered the “De Luxe” faucet module. Everything worked great and the packaging is also very appealing.
  • Since I only drink tap water at home, I was very excited to see if I noticed a difference. After a short time, I can see that the water is actually softer, even though I live in the urban area. The water sometimes had a strange aftertaste, which has not happened since using the module.