About us

How it all started

The idea for founding greennatur GmbH & Co. KG was born in 2017. Due to fortunate circumstances, the businessman Georg Rothaichner and the inventor Johann Batzhuber get to know each other in a small village in Lower Bavaria. Georg Rothaichner was more than impressed by Johann’s inventions and was surprised that these treasures have not long been accessible to everyone in the world. Products that have been tried and tested by Johann for over a decade, continuously perfected and only able to make their valuable use in a small circle.

Georg was enthusiastic about an adapter – we call it today “Module Soft Clean” – which is mounted between the tap and the inlet hose of a washing machine and thus up to 100% can be dispensed with detergent. What a blessing it would be for our environment and our health if it were already used by every household, hotel, business, etc., thought Georg.

What a blessing for the detergent industry that this adapter has not been on the market for a long time, thought Georg Rothaichner. After all, tons of detergents pollute our environment every day, in Germany alone 2 billion are said to be spent on detergents every year. Detergent residues remain in the fibers of the laundry that we wear on our body 24 hours a day or lie on it at night. These not only put a strain on our largest organ “the skin”, but also get into the bloodstream. And we wonder about allergies and diseases.

Georg – a passionate tap water drinker – was also enthusiastic about an adapter, which is also simply screwed onto the tap. From the very first sip of water from this adapter, he noticed how the taste of the water changes and its softness caresses the throat. Today we call it “Module De Luxe”.

And then there is a third adapter, which should provide soft water in the shower. This, too, is simply installed between the mixer tap and shower hose in a few simple steps. This flatters skin and hair and was therefore called “module tender” (tender).

In addition, all three modules ensure the conversion of lime and delight the housewife when cleaning the pots, kettles, tiles, shower cubicles, etc. The lime can simply be wiped off without harsh cleaning agents.

Reason enough to found greennatur GmbH & Co. KG in the middle of 2017.

At an environmental fair in 2018, greennatur came up with another inventor – again named Johann – and a native of Styria. To avoid mix-ups in the company, we call him “Hans”. Hans is an experienced water master and dowser for many years.

Hans was confronted with the topic of water for years. He knows all devices and systems and how they work for water treatment in the private and commercial sector that are on the market. You couldn’t convince him with any of the devices. That is why, after years of research, he developed a module – the Info-Crystal-Stick – which is only mounted at the entrance of the water pipe in the house, hotel or apartment with the help of special cable ties.

All he was missing was a piece of the puzzle that would provide additional bioavailable oxygen at the tap where drinking water is obtained. He found what he was looking for with our “Module De Luxe”.

The Info-Kristall-Stick is now produced in cooperation with greennatur. Greennatur can therefore offer a complete solution.

The Info-Kristall-Stick literally turns tap water into spring water. It supplies the house, hotel, apartment, bakeries, etc. with the quality of an artesian spring. At the same time, limescale problems are an end.

We therefore particularly recommend our 3-piece set with the “Info Crystal Stick” and the “Soft clean” washing machine module. As a little gift, we are adding a “lemongrass” laundry scent to the set. You then no longer need any further modules in the house or apartment.

All of our modules are produced locally and fairly by hand in the heart of Lower Bavaria from high-quality materials.

We love water, nature and we want to make our products available to as many people as possible in order to contribute to the protection of water, our nature and our health.

The effects of the products shown cannot be proven at the moment due to the generally recognized scientific methods and opinions. The findings are based on alternative concepts and reports from satisfied users.

Managing Director Georg Rothaichner with Johann Batzhuber